House Plans

Energy Savings

Pro Foam Insulation saves you money on heating and cooling your home. Here are just a few ways our advanced insulation benefits your bottom line:

  • Saves 50 to 70% on heating and cooling Costs.
  • Pays for itself in 3 to 5 years (a 20 to 33% return on your investment) and starts paying for itself the day you move in
  • Will increase the resale value for your home
  • Is the cost of the conventional insulation system.
  • Lasts a lifetime - Guaranteed
  • TEC-Shield decking is an unnecessary expense.

Don't forget to consider the electricity bill (and your comfort level) in budgeting for your new home.

Our Energy Savings Analysis

We offer an Energy Analysis Performance Report, run by one of the nation's leading thermal engineering firms, at a minimal cost, that gives you all the information you will need to make the correct decisions on your new home. Your HVAC unit will be sized properly for maximum energy savings.

The HVAC equipment can be installed on a sub-meter for guaranteed savings on your heating and cooling costs.

To maximize the energy efficiency of your new home we highly recommend the following:

Have the Energy Analysis Performance Report run on your new home.

  • Minimal cost
  • Get insight into what your Heating and Cooling costs will be
  • a properly sized HVAC SYSTEM is a large part of the energy savings equation. (smaller systems not only cost less but, cost less to operate, cost less to maintain and cost less to replace if need be in years to come).
  • Eliminate questions on other decisions (additional costs) concerning the construction of your new home. (Ex.: TEC-Shield,etc)

More About Pro Foam Insulation

  • Commit earlier on to the unvented (conditioned) attic assembly.
  • Keep your HVAC SYSTEM in the conditioned space. There is no reason to have our HOT, HUMID climate vented into your attic space with your air conditioning system. Keep the humidity that creates condensation out of the conditioned space.
  • A better ENVELOPE begins with attention to framing details. We work with your Builder to get it done right for you.

Can my Home be Too Air-tight?

You may have heard (or think) you can build your new home too air-tight. That simply is not the case. It's no coincidence that builders go to great lengths (and additional expense) to build homes that homes that are energy efficient and as air-tight as possible- with 2x6 walls, insulating sheathing with taped joints, thicker fiberglass insulation with vapor barriers, plate sealants, foaming around windows and doors, weather-stripped doors, upgraded windows and HVAC systems, the list goes on and on.

Your new airtight ultra energy efficient home will be engineered to maintain less than 50% relative humidity with your properly sized HVAC system. Dust mites and mold do not grow at that humidity level. It will be a healthier home.

Our Foam is an open cell, half pound per cubic foot, spray-in-place foam insulation system. It is sprayed into every crack, crevice and odd-shaped structural component to create a seamless air infiltration barrier (ENVELOPE) around the conditioned space. It is slightly air-permeable is a breathable (slightly permeable) air infiltration barrier that will not trap moisture. It is flexible enough to move with the building and not break the seamless air infiltration barrier.

  • Creates a seamless air infiltration barrier (envelope) around the conditioned space.
  • Contains No Formaldehyde
  • No HCFCs, HFAs or HFCs used
  • Is not damaged by water.